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You set the agenda

So you see, we understand business needs.

Recognising that it's discussion and not dictation.

We believe that our stylish independent venue has the flexibility and experience to achieve your goals.

We'll open at a time and with a menu to suit you.


Fresh fruit.

Great British please!

Client meeting or staff event, we'd love to show how innovative The Case can be. Tell us the date, time, number of guests and occasion, the 'must-have' and the whacky ideas lists.

The opening of Her Majestys' High Court, Royal Ascot Ladies' Day, HM Treasury Budget, Ladies Final at Wimbledon, and Mr & Mrs Kings Anniversary.


Precision Civic events to informal charity afternoons.


It's not just Lunch and Dinner times. We can be open anytime in between, six days a week.

Juicy gossip

• WiFi access - relax and network.
• Your iPhone or Blackberry is connected.
• Audiovisual technology or basic flip chart.
• We offer the support you need.

We like nothing more than an opportunity to quote - we understand the challenge of a tight budget (we also remember the last recession of 1990!).

Robbie Burns Traditional Supper, The Leicester Comedy Festival Awards, Director's meetings, wine-tasting.


The Lord Mayor's civic events. Pharmaceuticals presentations, product launches and celebration nights.


Chains of Office to the party conga line!


Businesses should ask us for their 'Staff Discount' to our Shop.

If you insist on staying at work with your sarnies ...

Have a laugh with YouTube

Chat to friends about us on Facebook

Share what's happening with Twitter

Read all the latest celeb gossip in Hello

Check out the financial markets with The FT


And when it's the office party…

Birthday, promotion, Christmas, or simply an excuse to have a great time, we're here.


Recharge your batteries.
Simple fresh air.
Clear your mind.
Rest computer eyes.
Stretch your legs.

Skipping any meal will mean you lower your capacity to focus and function.


"The brain has no tanks of energy. Instead it relies on consumption of available blood sugar after just a few hours of not eating, your blood sugar can drop to sub-normal levels and the brain can't function optimally" - Dr Rallie McAllister


So a proper lunch will improve your performance and lessen health and safety risks.

We cruise at 3-4 mph.
That's about 4 1/2 feet per second. The average stride length is 2 1/2 feet.

Research shows that walking 10,000 steps a day will significantly improve your health.


Walk 5 minutes to The Case and back = 1/2 mile (1100 steps).



Walk 10 minutes to The Case and back = 1 mile (2200 steps).


0116 251 7675 FOR RESERVATIONS

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